Sales & Marketing Alignment Mini-Conference – People, Process, and Technology

October 04

By Oct 1, 2018

Sales & Marketing Alignment Mini-Conference – People, Process, and Technology


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Sales & Marketing Alignment Mini-Conference: People, Process, and Technology

Aligning Sales and Marketing requires a team effort across your organization. It goes beyond a few discussions between Sales and Marketing leaders:

  1. From the CEO on down, leaders must drive buy-in from several departments. A culture of cooperation, teamwork, discussing, listening and mutually agreeing must persist. Sales and Marketing leaders need to talk about “why alignment?”, “what are the components of alignment?”, “what metrics are needed to proved alignment?”, “what are the SLAs salespeople and marketers expect?”, and more. This is the People aspect that needs to be addressed in Sales and Marketing Alignment.

  2. During the buy-in cycle, leaders need to establish strategic and tactical plans to drive alignment. Planning sessions (annual, quarterly, monthly) need to be held to create processes and enable continuous improvement. Then those processes need to be baked into the technology where appropriate. This is the Process initiative that needs to be addressed.

  3. Finally, there are a plethora of tools and applications designed to ensure alignment. CRM, Marketing Automation, Sales Enablement Tools and more make alignment easier for marketers to drive and sales easier to adopt. Technology enables the Process and helps People work together to perfect (well, as best as possible) Sales and Marketing alignment

In our October 4th Sales and Marketing Alignment mini-conference, you will hear from three professionals who, when it comes to alignment, “live it”. Each speaker has chosen People, Process, or Technology to share their thoughts on how these areas are addressed and help them, and help you, drive alignment in your own organization.

Speakers will include:

  • People – Mary Pat Donnellon, Chief Marketing Officer at CallRail

  • Process – Jennifer Davis, End-to-End B2B Growth Strategist, Forbes Contributor

  • Technology – Josiah Deegan, Director of Sales Development, Relus Cloud along with SalesLoft

Thank you to our venue host: